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Building Project Update – 2013


This a good time to share deep gratitude to you all in general, and particularly to the folks of the Building Committee and the Building Finance Committee who worked so hard in the endeavor to put an addition on the front of the building. After six years and several attempts to reboot the fundraising for this addition, we have abandoned the effort in favor of a most modest plan to add a full-size elevator to the east side of the building.

We could surely review the ways in which the project veered off its path over the six year period. We could evaluate the efforts and the responses to those efforts, find reasons and causes, assess responsibility. We could figuratively watch the post-game videos for assessment – this is certainly behavior commensurate with the nimble and itchy human mind – find out what went awry, learn from it and work toward not making the same mistakes in future endeavors.

But from the position of midweek between the old church year and the new one, hovering over the day of Thanksgiving and prepping the sermon and the soul for day one of Advent, gratitude is the more profound impetus. I am deeply grateful for the dollars meant for the project, the prayers sent by the members on behalf of the project, and the hours spent by members of both committees over the course of years.

Notes from October 20 Temple Talk

• 2006 passed an extensive building plan to add on to our building
• Project included moving the front of the church out to include a larger receiving area
• It also included replacing the elevator
• Overall projected cost at the time was 1.5 million
• Fund raising has yielded limited results. Committee spoke with members seeking pledges. Not very successful.
• As time has gone on that 1.5 million number has become less reliable

• Last summer an alternate plan was proposed by a member of the congregation. Price tag was in neighborhood of $800,000
• In June Pastor and I sat down to discuss how to move forward
• We were looking at prospect of raising a minimum of $300,000
• Due to the lack of success with fund raising in the past, we asked ourselves “What do we need, not want?”
• An elevator
• That morning we contacted 3 elevator contractors
• Over the course of 3 months we have met with 2 elevator contractors and one general contractor.
• We now have an estimate from a general contractor, an elevator company.
• Randy Cummings from Story Construction

• The council has approved a recommendation for one of two plans to install an elevator on the exterior the current east wall of the church.
• This elevator would be large enough to handle a casket. There would be enough space between the foyer area of the elevator and the ark for a lane of traffic.

• We are looking at roughly $400,000 for the job. That is a soft estimate and we need to be prepared to spend more than that.
• We currently have that money available.

• What we need is a congregational vote to amend the original building project
• We will be voting on November 3

• An important consideration is, in a sense we are voting to keep our current structure and fix it as needed.

Submitted by Doug Mackey, Council President