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Building Expansion Project

I am pleased to announce that the Building Committee is on schedule with completing the Sanctuary Repairs/Painting Project and we have completed the task that you instructed us to complete which was to create building expansion plans using the top items from our Fall 2006 Church Council Survey.

First, an update on our Sanctuary Repair/Painting Project: The contractor has completed repairing the cracks in the plaster and painting the Sanctuary. Also, the ceiling exhaust fan has been removed, this hole patched, and the new ceiling fans have been purchased and installed. Thanks for everyone’s patience during this very necessary project.

Second, the Building Expansion Project: If you remember, the Church Council conducted a survey in the Fall of 2006 with 77% of the congregational members in favor of not tearing down the existing Church and 22.8% in favor of either tearing down or selling the existing Church with a 90% participation for this survey.

The top items that you requested which are included in the final building plan include:

  • Handicap wheelchair accessible
  • Elevator
  • Greeting area at Church Entrance
  • Additional seating capacity for Sanctuary
  • Restrooms at Church Entrance
  • Centrally located staff offices and workrooms
  • Bridal/additional Room

New Sunday School Rooms will be a result of moving the Pastor’s, Secretary’s, and Workroom Offices). Items that we did not incorporate or are not final include; Handicap accessible communion rail, Nursery, Geothermal Heat, and Small Gym.

The final prints will be displayed in the basement of the Church so please take time to review these plans and let one of the Building Committee or Church Council Members know if you have any questions.

Therefore, we now are asking you to switch your help from our Building Committee to helping the Building Finance Committee raise the funds for this exciting new facelift for God’s House.
Finally, thank you for everyone that provided input to the Building Committee during the last 1/2 year.

Building Committee:
Larry Larson and Doug Houser (Co-chairs)
Ken Lund, Darrell and Judy Herrin, Mike Helland,
Pat McCubbin, Carroll Sesker, Dave Hokel, Brad Seibert,
Brian Thompson and Denny Mitchell.