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Welcome to Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Welcome To Our Community of Friends

In our worship life, the Bethlehem community gathers to hear the Word of God and to receive the sacraments of God’s grace, Baptism and Holy Communion, and to nurture one another in prayer.

As Jesus glorified God in His ministry on earth, so do we seek to glorify God in our worship. We thank God for all His gifts—for goodness and grace from creation to salvation—in both ancient liturgies and contemporary praise songs, in words our ancestors used to call upon the Lord and in the language of our everyday lives.

The Bethlehem community understands that faith in God and the journey of discipleship of Jesus Christ are lifelong pursuits in which the Holy Spirit is at work revealing God’s will, work and purposes for our lives.

At Bethlehem Church, all are welcome in the name of Jesus Christ. As Jesus sat down to eat with the sinners, tax collectors and prostitutes, so do we believe that He came to each and all of us in our sin, and that He has died and risen for our forgiveness and salvation and for the salvation of the whole world.

We invite you to this “fellowship of the forgiven” to encounter within the Bethlehem community the abundance of God’s love for you, and we look forward to glorifying God together with you in BELIEVING in God’s promises, SERVING God and Neighbor, LIVING in God’s Grace through Faith, and WELCOMING All to Jesus Christ.